Internet Service
Home Telephone Service
Alarm Services
Fiber Internet
VoIP Telephone Service
  • Internet Service
    • Wireless Broadband 
    • Point to Point's
    • Private Lines
    • T1/DS1 & DS3
    • Optical Ethernet
    • Fiber and Designed Services

  • VoIP Telephone
    • Analog VoIP (ATA)
    • Hosted IP-PBX (Polycom)
    • SIP Trunks
    • Standard Features
    • Advanced Call Handling
    • Per Line or Per Seat Pricing

  • Network ServiCES
    • Firewall / Routers / Switches
    • Server Solutions
    • Advanced Networking
    • Racking and Cabling
    • Wireless Hot-Spot Installation
    • On-Site Service Available

  • Hosted Services
    • Email
    • Website Hosting
    • Domain Registration
    • RCOM Protection
    • SSL Certificates Available
    • Remote Backup

  • Home Security
    • Alarms & Security Systems
    • Surveillance Systems
    • Best-In-Class Alarm Monitoring
    • Z-Wave Integrator Services
    • Modem, GSM, or IP
      Communicators Available

CGI-Communication is a locally owned telecommunications provider and IT Firm based in Casa Grande, Arizona. For the last 10 years we've been building partnerships with focus on the small to medium sized business to effectively deploy a low cost, one-stop solution for High Speed Broadband Internet, VoIP, Email, Webhosting, Alarm Systems & Monitoring, Surveillance Systems, Server Solutions, and Advanced Network Design in the community and surrounding areas. CGI-Communication is a service provider first and foremost. Our number one mission is to provide the highest quality Internet related service, support, and technology to our customers.


  • Casa Grande, AZ
  • Maricopa, AZ
  • Coolidge, AZ
  • Arizona City, AZ
  • Eloy/Toltec, AZ
  • Stanfield, AZ
  • Florence, AZ
  • Rural/Metro Phoenix, AZ

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